5minutes From MITSUWAYA


It’s getting colder and colder in Japan, it snow a little bit yesterday and today!

Even if I don’t like cold, snow makes me happy! haha:lol: 


Okay, let’s go to discover around MITSUWAYA today!


Taniroku Bakery PANENA

Today, I want to recommend a small bakery, PANENA. It’s located only 2 min. from Tanimachi 6(Roku) Chome station.

MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's Recommendation Tanimachi Bakery "PANENA"



In Japan, a staple food is rice as known, but in my case, I love breads and pasta much better than rice. I love flour!

There are many bakery arond MITSUWAYA, but my No.1 Bakery is HERE! I gonna explain why, are you ready?



Reason No.1 Various filled and stuffed bread

In Japan, at bakery you will find that there is a lot of pastries and sweet bread. It’s delicious, but I prefer not sweet and filled and stuffed bread and sandwich.

At PANENA, they provide various filled and stuffed bread, so you can enjoy to choose!


In addition, this variation will be changed frequently. So you won’t be tired even if you go there several times!


MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's Recommendation Tanimachi Bakery "PANENA"


Reason No.2 Super high Quality

More than everything, it’s YUMMY!!!Every bread is made very carefully without compromise.


Especially I love bread of PIZZA. Mouse watering smell, soft and chewy mouthfeel and souse goes well with bread dough. There was a time to buy this pizza bread everyday. Yes, so delicious.


I love sandwiches as well. Normally, I alway feel like not enough to ingredients.. Always.

But here, I feel really satisfied with bread and ingredients. 



Reason No.3  Enjoy alcohol

What? Alcohol in bakery?

Yes, Taniroku Bakery PANENA’s concept is, “Bread goes well with Alcohol”. (Honestly, I’ve never bought before..sorry)


In this bakery, you can enjoy standing bar at night.(Because of COVID19, opening time might be changed so please check before you go)


And they provide “MINOO BEER” which is famous craft beer in Osaka.

MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's Recommendation Tanimachi Bakery "PANENA"



Did you enjoy this page? When you come to Tanimachi, or when you stay at MITSUWAYA, CHECK IT OUT!


Place of name
5mins by foot
Opening time
【Tue. ~ Sat.】10:00AM〜9:00PM Standing Bar 6:00PM〜9:00PM(L.O.8:30PM)【Sun. and National holiday】 10:00AM〜7:00PM (Standing Bar close)
~ 1,000JPY
MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's Recommendation Tanimachi Bakery