Hello Everybody! It’s MITSUWAYA Staff Mako.

Now in Japan, cold cold winter is coming.. Especially this year, I heard it will be really cold.. I wonder I could survive. I want to


Today, I would like to recommend some restaurant, to somebody like me, who don’t like winter. Featured Curry Restaurant!!!♬

(I wanted to write this page as ranking, but I couldn’t choose No.1.. Each restaurant has each character.)


Actually, nearby MITSUWAYA, around Tanimachi area, there are so many curry restaurant. And there are also many restaurant who is known in Osaka.


Restaurant below is only 5 min. a walk from MITSUWAYA, Okay, now let’s go to Tanimachi curry tour!!!

Teishokudo Kongoseki

MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "Kongoseki"


First, Restaurant “Teishokudo Kongoseki”, very very known restaurant as spicy carry.

In the restaurant, there is a counter, no separate table. Every guest looks very concentrated to eat curry. It’s easy to enter for solo traveler.

Maybe THIS IS Indian curry. it’s complete different thing as “Japanese Homemade curry”. Authentic spice smell so nice hole restaurant. Menu is simple, only Curry Set meal or et meals other than curry. You can choose Japanese rice or Indian rice, but I recommend Indian one. Then you can add seasoned boiled egg(100 yen). I love the egg!


Actually, I’m not good at spice.. In addition, this restaurant, Kongoseki, curry is spicy.. So every time I ate, I felt like “it’s too spicy for me”, however I can’t stop to eat it, I can’t stop to go there.. Mystery!lol


Name of restaurant:Teishokudo Kongoseki

From MITSUWAYA:2 min. by walk

Adress:1-8-25, Kawaratamachi, Chuoku, Osakashi

Open:[Thu to Mon]11:30AM~Last Order2:00PM,  6:30PM~Last Order9:00PM[Tue]11:30AM〜Last Order4:00PM


Price:Around 1,000yen

google map:



MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "Kyuyamutei"


Again, this restaurant very very famous. They don’t use flower at all. At Umeda, Nakanoshima and Tokyo as well, there is Kyuyamutei, but main store is here.

I want to recommend this restaurant especially for tourist, because atmosphere of restaurant is like old Japanese house. 

At the lunch time, you can choose 2 kind of curry. If you are wondering which you choice, don’t worry. When you tell to the staff, “I’m not good at spicy” or “I like this kind of carry”, then they recommend some.


In front of Kyuyamutei, always guests make a line. But if you go there around 1:30PM, it will be more easy to enter!


Name of restaurant:Kyuyamutei

From MITSUWAYA:4 min. by walk

Adress:6-4-23, Tanimachi, Chuoku, Osakashi

Open:[Lunch]11:30AM~Last Order2:00PM, [Dinner]6:00PM~Last Order8:00PM


Price:Around 1,000yen

Google map:


MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "Ranranru-"


In this restaurant, Ranranru, it’s different from 2restaurant above. Here, they offer “Italian curry”!! Owner was a chef of Italian restaurant. 

For solo traveller, this restaurant is the most easiest to go inside, I think. They have take out menu, so you can buy it and eat at MITSUWAYA as well!

Carry itself, you will feel “Tomato”. Highly recommendable for who like Tomatos!


Name of restaurant:Ranranru

From MITSUWAYA:5 min. by walk

Adress:6-4-8, Tanimachi, Chuoku, Osakashi

Open:11:30AM~Last Order8:30PM


Price:Around 1,000yen

Google map:

Spice do

MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "Supaisudo"


This restaurant, Spice do (Supaisudo in Japanese), sister store of “Darubato Shokudo”. Darubato shokudo is a Nepal restaurant, which is famous very much. In this article, I’m writing only restaurant within 5 min. by walk from MITSUWAYA, so I don’t write about Darubato, but if you have time, go there as well! (10min. by walk from MITSUWAYA)


Okay, this Spice do is a store of spice, as the name. When you go inside, you will find many spice! Yes, it’s a store! In the back of store, there is restaurant!


I have never bought spice, but if you want, store staff will tell you how to use it.


Curry is authentic, but it’s not too spicy. Rice is Indian rice only. I’m not good at spice as I already mentioned, but I can eat this carry! Umm yummy! And I fell like healthy, even if I ate all!


Name of restaurant:Spice do

From MITSUWAYA:5 min. by walk

Adress:6-13-6, Tanimachi, Chuoku, Osakashi


Holiday:Mon. and Tue

Price:Around 800yen

Google map:


MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "Araragi"


When MITSUWAYA opened on 2016, staffs often went to Araragi for lunch together. At that time, one group of staffs liked Araragi, and the other group liked Kyuyamutei. So a staff recommended Araragi, another staff recommended Kyuyamutei, guests


Curry of Araragi, it’s spicy but mellow! If you go to eat with children, I recommend Araragi. They use Japanese rise, it makes you feel more sweet. If you like Japanese curry, but you want to enjoy “spice” at the same time, highly recommended!!!


Inside the restaurant, it’s old fashioned, you can relax.


Name of restaurant:Araragi

From MITSUWAYA:5 min. by walk

Adress:6-18-28, Tanimachi, Chuoku, Osakashi

Open:[Lunch]11:30AM~4:00PM [Cafe]4:00PM〜6:00PM [Dinner]6:00PM〜Last Order8:30PM


Price:Around 1,000yen

Google map:


MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's recommendation carry restaurant "AAMA"


Last restaurant is, AAMA! I love a curry of this restaurant, also personality of owner. AAMA is not “Curry restaurant”, but “Izakaya”(Japanese style bar). Drinking beer with eating curry, how nice it is! 


Inside of restaurant, there is a counter and one table only. It’s kind of small bar, it’s nice. If you go there alone, you will have some friend when you go out from this bar. And owner provide Kiln baked naan as well. Providing Naan is rare around Tanimachi area. So check it out!


Name of restaurant:Supaisu sakaba AAMA

From MITSUWAYA:5 min. by walk

Adress:6-10-28, Tanimachi, Chuoku, Osakashi

Open:[Lunch]12:00PM~3:00PM [Dinner]6:00PM〜Last Order11:30PM


Price:[Lunch]Around 1,000yen

Google Map:


I’m getting hungry, and I want to eat curry now..!!

Why don’t you try Tanimachi Curry Tour, when you stay at MITSUWAYA?