Since March 20, 2021, We have been keeping Youtube updated!
Here is a summary of the trajectory of “HOME THE WORLD” (a cooking project from around the world)😀




1.For when you get a lil bit hungry.(4 dishes)


New series project of Mitsuwaya Youtube channel【HOME・THE・WORLDSTART!


Video theme is HOME・THE・WORLD 🌏From the comfort of your home at Mitsuwaya!

I hope that many people in Japan and around the world will watch these videos. I’d be very happy if everyone in Japan and around the world could watch these videos… (The goal is that for 100,000 registered users!)
〔In addition〕
I’ve been wondering about a channel name for three days…
The next day, I thought about it with everyone who happened to come to Mitsuwaya, and then, we decided on the Series name when is  was decided in no time!!!😂💕hahah
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Thank you.
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Hi, it’s Mako, a staff of hostel MITSUWAYA osaka.

I would like you to watch our YouTube page, called “Home the world”

This time, we cooked “Malakoff”, do you know that?

It’s a dish of Switzerland! Check it out!


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Hi, everyone! How are you? It’s Mako, MITSUWAYA Staff!

We updated YouTube channel again, latest video theme is “Chatpate” from Nepal✨


In Japan, there is a lot of Nepalese curry restaurant, but I ate “Chatpate” first time. It is so easy to make, and very very healthy! I heard that Nepal people eat it as a snacks, I think it’s so good idea.


\Check it and try it!⇩/




Hiii!it’s Chiho, a staff of hostel MITSUWAYA osaka.

It’s the rainy season in Japan🌧

It’s already feeling like summer in Osaka, though🌻

I want to take care of my health and get through this in a healthy way.

You think so, don’t you?

But even if it’s not so good for you, you want to take in your favorite foods,

delicious foods, and sweet foods in moderation😄


So, Our Youtube channel,this is the 8th time we have done this!

This time, we made Pakistan “Laddu(Ladoo)”!


It is said that this sweet is popular not only in Pakistan,

but also in India and Nepal.

Personally, I think it’s better to make it with coconut powder than flour!
I think it is easier to make😇


Thank you to those who are watching🥺🙏

We are trying to make it more enjoyable, So thank you for your supportーー🌷


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2. Dishes containing meat.(3 dishes)

Hi, everyone! it’s MITSUWAYA Staff Mako.

Again, I would like to introduce our new YouTube movie, Jollof Rice from west africa, Sierra Leone!

Do you know where Sierra Leone is? It’s here↓↓

MITSUWAYA Staff Mako's journal "New YouTube movie uploaded! Sierra Leone food, Jollof Rice"

You might think Sierra Leone as “Poor country”, “civil war” or “Ebola hemorrhagic fever”. Hmm, it’s not positive word..

But, in my opinion, it will be rude if you think “Poor people”.

Because I’ve never been there, I don’t have any friend friend from Sierra Leone. However I would like to know their culture, their thinking and would like to have some friend!!

So, first, let’s cook Sierra Leone’s food and think about them! Please check it out!😄


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Hi, everyone! It’s MITSUWAYA Staff Mako!

In Japan, it’s getting hotter and hotter…⛱💦 Japanese summer is so hard. Last night, it rained so much in Osaka☔Yes, that’s SUMMER!


By the way, we uploaded new YouTube video! This video’s theme is, Hostel staffs who cannot go to travel because of COVID-19, they try to cook various dishes from all over the world!

We already uploaded 11 videos, we reach final stage!lol This time, we cooked afghan food, name is “Karahi Gosht”.

We got ingredients so easily, then we could cook it so easily, but it was “Afghan Taste”😋


Why don’t you try it?!


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Bonjour~! I’m Chiho, a staff member of Mitsuwaya.


It’s been half a year already this year…eek!

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately,

but I’ve been getting mouth ulcers on a regular basis.
I don’t know what it is🙃(Maybe it’s simply my lack of nutritional


Anyway, our Youtube channel has reached its 13th edition!

It was taken about two months ago, so you can see the

atmosphere of the video, which is not recent😅

This time,we made “Poulet a la Creme”.It’s a French food!


Why does French sound so elegant and pleasant to listen to?

(Is it my imagination?)

But as a Japanese person who doesn’t speak with my tongue much,

it’s a little difficult to

By the way, Maco can speak French! (She also speak English!)
By the way,I want to be able to have basic conversations in English.
I’m an English learner. (I’m still trying to be a beginner🥺)


So, what is “Poulet à la crème”?
It is a dish that is similar to a stew, like “chicken stewed in cream😋
It goes well with rice and bread. It’s an authentic and easy recipe!
Please try it and feel the France!😋🍴


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Poulet a la Creme



3.Dishes containing a lot of vegetables.(5 dishes)

Hi, it’s Chiho, a staff of hostel MITSUWAYA osaka.

Lately, I’ve been eating Natto about four days a week!

My bowels are feeling great!


Well,I would like you to watch our YouTube page, called “Home the world”

This time, we cooked “Banh mi”

It’s a dish of Vietnam!

I really recommend making this. It’s good for when you want to

make a quick and delicious meal with someone.

Check it out😋!


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Hi, everyone! How are you? I’m GOOD, it’s Mako, staff of MITSUWAYA.


We updated again YouTube channel, we cooked “Shakshuka” this time. It’s Israeli food!!!


I feel Japanese people don’t know about Israel, because they don’t have much contact. In my opinion, Israel people are so kind, always smily, they respect other culture. So I have several friends from Israel.


Shakshuka was so good and healthy! Please check it out!!


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Hellooo!it’s Chiho, a staff of hostel MITSUWAYA osaka.

Recently,I noticed that laying down by the river was quite good for my mental health😇

I want to soak up the sun on the riverside!


Well,This is the 7th time we have done this!

This time, we made the traditional Moroccan “Harira🙌🙌🙌Ooh


I think you can feel Maco’s love for Morocco in this video🥰

And I think it’s got a different vibe than some of our previous videos! (I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy it…)

This dish was easy too! But, come to think of it, it took about 30 minutes of simmering time.

It’s the one that takes longer, but it’s delicious. Highly recommended!

Every time I make a food from a different country, it makes me want to visit that country😇


\Check it out😋!⬇︎/




Hi, everyone! How are you? In Japan, rainy season already came. Normally, rainy season starts from June, but it’s early this year.


We uploaded new YouTube video!! This time, we cooked Kushari, it’s Egyptian food! I lived in Benin(West Africa) for 2 years, I felt “Africa” from this Kushari!

Why don’t you try to cook?!


\Check it out😋!⬇︎/




Hi! It’s MITSUWAYA Staff Chiho!

We’re already halfway through the year.(Real fast!)

The Mitsuwaya Youtube channel “Home the World” has been up for two months now.

We are trying to try new things through trial and error…(having endless worries lol)


And this is the eleventh!
This is a very simple salad called “Shakaro” from Tajikistan.
Simply put, chop and slice the vegetables, toss and rub, salt and lemon!
That’s it!😇
I think it’s perfect for the upcoming hot season!
(Please pay attention to the “sound” in this episode😊)
Tajikistan? If you are wondering “Tajikistan?🤝(thank you🤗)
If you’re wondering why Tajikistan?


If you are interested in Tajikistan, please watch it🤝(thank you🤗)


\Check it out😋!⬇︎/









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