Hey mates! How have you been lately?

Honesty my heart has been in my mouth due to COVID you know.

I’m getting busy living now…It can’t be helped tho I know😞


So today I’d like to introduce you to the place which makes you relax.

I live in Sennan District, Osaka anyways…You must not know there I bet🤨haha

There is the beach near my home🌊

Mitsuwaya Staff YUKA's Recommendation local spot"Kada"

It’s obviously beautiful isn’t it?

My hometown is next to Wakayama so we always go shopping there!

The place I wanna show you today is located in Kada, Wakayama🙋🏻

Kada has a rich history as a port town🌊 The port is even mentioned in Kojiki, the oldest written record in Japan, dating back to 712 AD.

Kada is also famous for driving place for the locals!

When I was young, my dad or mum are often used to bring me here🚘

Every time I come here, get great peace of mind, and feel refreshed☺️

So now my mum takes me here often and cheers me up👭

And it has a completely different vibe in the evenings.↓

Mitsuwaya Staff YUKA's Recommendation local spot"Kada"

                                                                                                          The view from ”Kyukamura KISYU-KADA”


You can definitely enjoy especially if you come here by car!

This is the information about the car in OSAKA you can rental🚕💨




I’ll teach you how to get there and the best way to enjoy in KADA when you stay at MITSUWAYA😊👍🏻

Looking forward to see you mates here soooooon! XXX


Why don’t you #doMITSUWAYA together?