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I’m the first appearance in here. Hello everyone! I’m Chiho.

Ladies and gentlemen, from now on, I want you to think only about food.

(Welcome to food thinking time)



Now it’s hard time to go outside, but

I want to go to eat at that restaurant🤔 

when virus comes to the end, I want to go to eat at this food shop😏

Wow! I want to try that meal🤤

I often think about it.(yeah,I like eating🤗)

How about you?



When I was doing another job before,

There is a restaurant that I often used to went to after work with

my colleagues.(It brings back memories.)

I never get tired of this taste!(Rather, I want)

Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki makes you happy and

there are various other dishes on the menu.

I remembered the restaurant during recent stay home period.



The restaurant is【Okonomiyaki Hiro】(THIS IS Osaka taste! )



What I especially want to recommend is [Yakisoba with Yuzu vinegar]

It’s vinegar, so if you eat quickly this noodle, you will choke on the vinegar. 

“Plain-tasting”and “choke” collaborate to give good stimulation to the whole body.

And It’s like feeding nutrients to the tired cells of the body.

If you love vinegar, I think it’s an unbearable dish.

MITSUWAYA Staff CHIHO’s recommendation Okonomiyaki Hiro

Yakisoba with Yuzu vinegar 735JPY



If you want to get more energy,

I highly recommend [Yakisoba with Garlic]

Anyway,so goooood!

MITSUWAYA Staff CHIHO’s recommendation Okonomiyaki Hiro

Yakisoba with Garlic 918JPY

MITSUWAYA Staff CHIHO’s recommendation Okonomiyaki Hiro

Okonomiyaki 840JPY


After all, I definitely want to eat okonomiyaki, isn’t it?

By the way, everything is ready and brought to you.

Anyway, so goooood!!


Those foods goes well with…

MITSUWAYA Staff CHIHO’s recommendation Okonomiyaki Hiro

Very chilled beer



The restaurant have a [Very chilled beer] (yeah)

Who first came up with the idea of cooling a beer mug?(who?)

I think it is an indispensable existence in summer.(Thank you)



There are various other dishes, so please look forward to them.(ohh,I want to go now)

But we refrain from it yet…😔


By the way, Because it’s wonderful, it’s a famous restaurant,

and it was always crowded with customers at golden time.(There are many signatures of entertainers)

And, The restaurant is open until 3:00AM (LO 2:00AM)!!

It’s great for drunkard!Ah, I want to eat and drink…


The restaurant is in Umeda.(lively town on the east side of Umeda)

If you are interested, please try enjoy some the restaurant😋💫



A taste you'll never forget






【Umeda/Curry】Cobachi Curry

What do you want to eat in Osaka? Recommended restaurant

Place of name
Okonomiyaki Hiro
11-10 Toganochou, Kitaku, Osaka-shi
30mins by footby train
Opening time
[Mon-Sat] 5:00PM-3:00AM(LO2:00AM)
2,000JPY 〜 3,000JPY
MITSUWAYA Staff CHIHO’s recommendation Okonomiyaki Hiro